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It's time for change! We've launched a petition to stop the nappy waste crisis.

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  • Bambino Mio
  • Bambassadors
  • 27 / 06 / 2023

The majority of parents and parents-to-be believe that climate change poses a threat to their children’s future with 86% of parents saying the government needs to do more to reduce nappy waste. It is a well know fact that single-use plastics are directly linked to climate change as they are produced using fossil fuels, through a process that emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Single-use plastics are one of the worst pollutants on our planet as they continue to create greenhouse gas emissions long after they have been discarded – which for single-use nappies is around 500 years!


Disposable nappies are a single-use plastic!

Every day in the UK 10 million single-use plastic nappies are incinerated or end up in landfill. That’s a staggering 250 million every day around the world! One of the most environmentally friendly things we can do is reuse the things we buy. Reusable nappies are the answer to the nappy waste crisis, but parents and caregivers need support to make the transition.

It’s time to trigger a national conversation about how the nappy waste crisis is a crucial part of the reduction of single-use plastic and fight against climate change.

Babies demand to be heard

On Monday 26th June, we took a bunch of little revolutionaries to Parliament Square, London, in a protest to raise awareness of the devastating impact of single-use nappies. Sporting babygrows and trailblazing tees with protest slogans including ‘My nappy’s rubbish’, ‘Our future’s not disposable’, and ‘It’s my planet and I’ll cry if I want to’ - Bambassadors™ as young as four months took a stand against the environmental devastation caused by single-use nappies, demanding immediate change to protect their futures.

It’s time for change

We’re ready to fight the problem head-on, to draw attention to this huge issue, increase public awareness and put pressure on decision-makers to address the problem. We’re fighting on behalf of those who can’t yet speak up for themselves, and we have started a petition calling on the government to urgently take action.

The Petition

It’s time for change and the government needs to make the nappy waste crisis a priority. We have listened to the concerns of parents across the country and are taking the lead with this conversation by launching a petition, calling for the Government to create a national strategy to reduce nappy waste in line with other single-use plastic targets.

Sign the petition to show your support and tell the Government that we need a national strategy to reduce nappy waste NOW!


Why now?

For over 25 years, we’ve made nappies that are better for babies, parents and our planet. Now, we’re leading a Reusable Revolution to free the world of single-use nappies, once and for all. Over half of parents, (55%) say their child has spoken to them about climate change and asked them to stop an associated action, like using single-use plastics. After COP26, the Government put a plan in place to ensure that climate change education features on the curriculum so that all children are taught about the importance of conserving and protecting our planet. The next generation of parents understand how critical this issue is.

Our founder, Guy Schanschieff says “Single-use nappies are 75% plastic and with such a huge number being thrown away every day - the future we’re making for the next generation is getting messier by the minute. It’s our responsibility to change things now.

Start a little rebellion

Kit out your little rebels with our limited-edition range of Trailblazing Tees and get out and about with one of our Rebellious Toolkit to help spread the word. You can also download our Activist Pack which includes all the tools you need to kickstart your own rebellion including campaign templates and guidance.

If you are inspired to move away from single-use nappies, take a look at our Everything bundle. Super-convenient and cost-effective, it contains all the nappies you'll ever need all the way from birth to potty.