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Revolutionary Reusable nappy liners

Kind to skin and kinder on conscience, these reusable poo-catching nappy liners help make change-time and our planet a lot less messy.

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  • Catch poos and reduce soiling of reusable nappies.
  • Draws moisture away to protect sensitive skin.
  • Specially designed and contoured to fit our Revolutionary Reusable nappies.
  • Contoured shape and new improved size (29cm x 19cm) for an excellent fit.
  • Super soft against the most delicate skin.
  • Easy to wash, fast to dry.
  • For best results, use with our Revolutionary Reusable nappies.
  • 8 liners per pack


How do I use them?
How do I wash them? 
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Revolutionary Reusable Nappy

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Key Features
  • Reusable
  • Keeps baby dry
  • Super soft
  • Easy to fit and wash
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Our reusable nappy liners are made from super-soft fleece made from 100% polyester which is easy to wash and quick to dry.

The fabric will allow wee to pass through to be absorbed by the core of the nappy, keeping baby's skin dry.


100% polyester

    • 1

      Why are reusable nappy liners useful?


      While your baby is tiny, you may not need to use a liner at all. In the early days, their poo will be much less solid and will be absorbed by the core of the nappy. However, as your baby grows and needs more milk, they will begin to produce more poo and wee. When you start to wean them onto solid foods, their poo will change in consistency and a liner will allow you to be able to lift the poo out of the nappy and tip it down the loo.

    • 2

      How do you use reusable nappy liners?


      To start, place one liner flat on top of the nappy, being careful not to fold. At change time, tip the poo down the loo and lift off the liner. Replace the liner at every nappy change, not forgetting to pat yourself on the back!

    • 3

      How do you wash reusable nappy liners?


      Store your used reusable liners with your nappies until wash day, we recommend washing them at 40°C with non-biological laundry detergent. There's no need to use fabric softener when washing, as this can affect the absorbency. Add 3 tablespoons of Bright & mighty nappy cleanser to add a boost to your laundry and help tackle tough stains and odours. And finally, air dry your liners either inside or outside and away from direct heat. If necessary, our liners can be tumble-dried on a low/cold setting.

    • 4

      How often do I need to change the nappy?


      Just like all nappies, you'll need to check and change them every 2 - 4 hours throughout the day. Replace the liner at every nappy change. At night-time, combine boosters if required for a peaceful night's sleep. Our flexi booster is made from super-absorbent hemp and is extra long and designed to be folded for additional absorbency where needed (great for front sleepers).

    • 5

      What's the difference between liners and boosters?


      Liners are designed to make nappy changes a little easier by catching poo and helping you to remove it in a mess-free way. Add one liner on top of the nappy and when it's time to change, simply lift off the liner and dispose of the poo down the toilet. Replace with a new liner at every nappy change. We offer two options; Messless liners are disposable and made from plant-based materials and our Revolutionary Reusable liners can be washed with your nappies and reused again and again.

      Boosters are designed to add extra absorbency to your nappies. These are especially great for long periods such as overnight or if your baby is a heavy wetter. Before fitting the nappy, insert a booster into the pocket of your nappy. Find out more about boosters in our Fit Guide.

    • 6

      How do you use reusables nappies when out and about?


      When you head out for the day, pack your nappy bag with everything you need for your trip including enough nappies to get you through the day. When it comes to change-time, simply store your used nappies in your Out & about wet bag to keep them separate. When you get home you can transfer them into your Stay at home wet bag or pop them straight into the washing machine. Simple!

    • 7

      Can I use reusable nappies on the maternity ward?


      We recommend confirming your plans with your hospital as they will have their own procedures and rules (just in case). Your midwife is also likely to be able to advise you. Make sure you have enough nappies for your hospital stay - probably around 8 nappies. Our Out & about wet bag is a handy storage solution for when you are away from home.

    • 8

      Are reusable nappies really better for the environment?


      Yes. When washed responsibly and according to our care instructions, reusable nappies stop 5000 single-use nappies from being thrown away and produce 25% less CO2.

    • 9

      How well do reusable nappies perform?


      The first thing a nappy has to do is perform and our nappies do just that. Reusable nappies use multiple layers of super-absorbent fabric for ultimate leak protection. Any parent will tell you, that you can experience a leak in every type of nappy now and again! But the key is getting the right fit for your baby and ensuring you've prepped your nappy with the absorbency level you require.

    • 10

      Why are reusable nappies better for my baby's skin?


      Our Revolutionary Reusable nappies are made from super-absorbent fabric rather than chemical gels that can be found in single-use nappies. Our fabrics and materials are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they are free from nasties which will help with skin irritation and reduce the chance of nappy rash.

    • 11

      How do reusable nappies help me save money?


      You can make huge savings by using reusable nappies instead of single-use nappies - even when you take into account the washing costs. This saving will get even bigger when you use your nappy stash on a second child too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brilliant liners

Have been using these instead of disposable liners with our revolutionary nappies and absolutely love them, catch post newborn poop, soft of babies bottom, dry really quickly, wash well. Only two minor annoyances, I cut the labels off all of them because they were huge and a bit annoying, and I wish they came in a pack of 10. Other than that brilliant and still worth 5*

Emma Banks

They're great. They fit the nappies lovely and make cleaning dirty nappies so much easier!


Excellent for what they do ... easy to pick and throw in the bin after use.. Simple and safe choice.


The only part I bin when I change my son nappy wise, so much less waste with these nappies. Recommend this nappy system

Makes it SO easy

These nappy liners are great because they took the work out of it for us. It catches all the poop and we just throw them away. I recommend these to friends who weren't using liners with their nappies