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Getting Out and About With Reusable Nappies

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  • Bambino Mio
  • 30 / 10 / 2023


When you have your first baby, getting out of the house feels like a military operation full stop! If you’re using cloth nappies with your newborn - and our Revolutionary Reusables are suitable from birth up until potty training - you might worry that they’ll make it tough to get out at all.

Reusable nappies can go roaming with you

Lots of new parents think they’ll have to revert to single-use nappies for trips outside the home, but it’s not the case.


You might be worried about unpleasant smells and leaks, or about other parents in baby changing rooms making comments, but these aren’t things you need to worry about at all. Single-use nappies also smell if there’s poo in them and almost all comments or questions are out of curiosity.


Heading off out with your newborn and your changebag can still feel a bit daunting, though, so we’ve gathered together our handiest of handy tips to help you along.


Be choosy about your changing room

If you can use a changing room with dedicated space rather than a room with a pull-down changing table, that’s much better because there’s more room to place all your equipment.


If there’s a toilet in there then you can flush away any poo after you’ve changed your baby’s nappy. If there isn’t a toilet, you can always wrap the poo up in the liner and deal with it at home.


Get everything ready beforehand

Lay out the clean nappy, with the liner in, as well as your reusable wipes and your Out & About wet bag before you remove the dirty nappy. It just makes life much easier!


Have a separate bag for clean and dirty nappies

Keeping your wipes and clean nappies in a separate bag also makes life easier as you don’t have to rummage around in your wet bag for liners or wipes.


Don’t worry about your wet bag smelling

Our wet bag will keep smells safely locked away until you get home, so don’t worry if you need to carry any poo with you. Babies smell occasionally - it’s a fact and no one should be surprised by this!


Take as many nappies as you think you’ll need - plus one

This number depends on the age of your baby, the time of day (if your baby is developing a poo schedule) and how long you’ll be out for. The extra nappy is for any bonus poos which might (as in, will almost certainly…) come along.


As a rule of thumb, aim for one nappy an hour (plus bonus) until your baby is around six months old. It’s always better to have too many reusable nappies with you than not enough.


Use one-size nappies for children of different ages

If you have two children in reusable nappies at different ages, then add half the number again (plus one). Older children poo less frequently than younger ones, so you probably won’t need to do as many changes. Our Revolutionary Reusables will expand to fit children up to the age of four, so you’ll have both bums covered…


Pack a few muslins and boosters for extra security

There will be at least one occasion when you run out of nappies and if you don’t want to resort to buying single-use versions, then you should keep a couple of spare muslins or boosters. 


If there’s an unscheduled poo or you want to keep your baby relatively dry until you can dash home, then placing a booster or muslin in their nappy will go a long way.


Extra boosters or fleece liners can save a fresh nappy

Some bonus poos arrive just as you’ve finished a nappy change - it’s just the way it is! If the new nappy isn’t wet (or there’s only one wee in it), then you can simply swap out the pooey liner for a clean one rather than change the whole shebang and use up another precious clean nappy.