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When to Start Using Reusable Nappies: 2023 Guide

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  • Bambino Mio
  • 08 / 05 / 2023

Discover when to start using reusable nappies and the benefits of making the switch. Our handy guide helps you make the right choice for your baby and your family.

Understanding reusable nappies

Types of reusable nappies

Reusable nappies are nappies that you wash and dry after each use so your baby can wear them again and again. They are made from natural fibres, such as cotton or bamboo, with a waterproof outer cover.


Our Miosolo is an 'all-in-one' nappy with the absorbent component stitched in whereas our Mioduo nappy is a 'two-part' system with a separate nappy cover and inner absorber. Both nappies are available in cost-saving bundles.

The benefits of reusable nappies

Its up to you to decide whether you want an all-in-one or a two-part nappy, but whichever type you go for, youll be reducing your CO2 output by 25% (1) compared to using disposable nappies.


Cloth nappies help the environment by slashing the amount of raw materials used to keep your baby clean and dry for 2.5-3 years (the  average time a child is in nappies). Washable nappies use less than 2.5% of the materials that go into those 5,000 disposables. Plus, when you decide to retire your nappy stash, you can recycle them, as their materials are natural, which is way better than sending them to landfill.


Youll also be reducing your outgoings, because opting for reusable nappies can save you more than £500 per child. In December 2022, the price of a branded disposable nappy was 20p and youll use around 5,000 of them before your baby is potty trained.


Thats a bill of around £1,000 per child, compared to £284.99 for Bambino Mios Miosolo Classic complete set. Even when you factor in the costs of washing and drying the nappies, which is around £175 for the duration, youre still making some great savings.

When can you start using reusable nappies?

The newborn phase

Reusable nappies can be used on newborns and the adjustable waistband and poppers allow you to get the right fit for your baby.  If your baby is born with a low birth weight, then it won't be long before they are fitting nicely into their comfy reusable nappies.

A word about newborn nappy changes

Newborns poo and wee. A lot. Youll be changing at least 10 nappies each day because the fun doesnt stop when the sun goes down. The good news is that newborn poo is more liquid than solid, so it can usually go straight into the washing machine with the nappy or liner its in.


If the idea of 10-12 nappy changes a day seems daunting, dont worry. You dont need to wash a soiled nappy every time you change your baby because you can store them in a nappy bucket until you have enough for a load.


If youre using washable nappy liners and wipes as well, then your wash load will soon build up and youll soon get into a rhythm!

Washable nappies after the first few weeks

They grow up so quickly… After a couple of months or so, your baby will be needing fewer nappy changes and might even have a regular sleep schedule.


If you have a baby who sleeps for a five or six-hour stretch at night then youll want to make sure youre not disturbed by a leaky nappy. Adding an extra insert can help to prevent this and you can find out more about how to stop reusable nappies leaking here.

How to choose the right reusable nappy for your baby

In reality, choosing the best washable nappy for your baby also involves choosing the best one for you. Youll be changing, washing and drying your cloth nappy stash for a while, so its important that you get along with it as well as your baby.


You should choose a nappy that you find easy to handle, wash and dry, as well as accessories like liners and wipes that are also easy to wash. You might prefer to use disposable liners as you can simply bin them after you’ve removed and flushed away any poo.

Caring for your reusable nappies (its so easy)

Washing and drying

Modern washable nappies dont need to be soaked for hours, you can simply remove any solid waste from the nappy liner and flush it down the toilet then store the nappy, reusable wipes and liners in your bucket until its laundry time.


Bambino Mio also sells disposable plant-based nappy liners so you can simply remove the poo, flush it away and place the liner in the bin if you prefer. 


Washing your cloth nappies at 40C is all thats needed - with our Nappy Cleanser for a boost if you like - to get them clean and hygienic again. Theres no need for chlorine bleaches or fabric conditioners as these damage the nappies and reduce their absorbency. Just make sure every nappy, wipe and liner has enough room to swoosh around your washing machine and rinse thoroughly and its all good.


If you can line dry, thats brilliant. If not, then an airing rack or cupboard will do the job just fine. If you have a tumble drier then use a cool setting to preserve your nappies and their wraps, as well as save money and reduce your carbon emissions.

Storing and maintaining your cloth nappies

Washable nappies are easy to maintain as long as you dont use harsh bleaches, fabric conditioners and high temperatures. Make sure theyre completely dry before folding and storing them so that theres no chance of mould developing.


After the laundry is done, stuff your inserts back into the nappy pocket and store them away.  Many people find this little job quite a mindful and relaxing ritual, especially after a busy day.


One pro tip is to insert a clean washable liner into your clean, dry nappies as you fold them up so you can make each change time easier and quicker.

Five common questions about reusable nappies 

Are reusable nappies suitable for all babies?

Yes! You can safely use washable nappies on your baby from birth, whatever your lifestyle, right up to toddlerhood and toilet training.

How many cloth nappies will I need?

We recommend that you start with at least 16 washable nappies, as well as washable liners and wipes so youll always have some ready while others are in the wash. Our Complete Set is ideal because it has everything you need to get started on your reusables journey.

How much money can I save by using washable nappies?

You can save over £500 per child with reusable nappies, even when you factor in initial outlay and laundering costs. A branded disposable costs 20p and youll use around 5,000 - so do the maths. We can guarantee it’s even scarier than algebra! 

Can washable nappies cause nappy rash?

Theres no evidence to show that cloth nappies cause nappy rash, especially if you launder and dry them thoroughly. As reusables are free from nasty chemicals there’s less risk of irritation, so just keep on changing your baby’s nappy every 3-4 hours for a clean, comfy bum!  

How do you remove poo from reusable nappies?

You simply remove the washable or disposable liner from the nappy, shake off any solid waste into the toilet and flush it away (the poo, not the liner!) before placing the liner into your nappy storage bucket.