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How Do You Clean Poo off Reusable Nappies?

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  • Bambino Mio
  • 20 / 09 / 2023


One of the first things you’ll ask yourself when you start off on your reusable nappy journey is how you’ll deal with poo. It might seem as if wee is easier to deal with as it just soaks into the fabric and your washing machine simply washes and rinses it out.

The most commonly-asked reusable nappy and poo questions answered

How do I remove poo from reusable nappies?

The best way to remove poo from reusable nappies is to lift off the nappy liner and shake the poo into the toilet. If you’re using reusable liners, you can pop them in your Stay at Home wetbag along with the soiled nappy until it’s wash time.


If you’re using disposable nappy liners, you should do the same, but then dispose of the liner safely in the bin.

What if I can’t just shake off the poo from the liner or nappy?

Not all poos are created equal and some are a bit more tenacious than others, clinging to the reusable liner (and, often, the nappy itself…). These scenarios call for tougher measures, such as holding the liner or nappy in the toilet bowl and flushing water over it, which should wash off most or all of the poo.


You can also use toilet paper to lift off the worst of the poo before you put it in your washing machine.

Can you put pooey nappies in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put pooey nappies and reusable liners into your washing machine. It’s a good idea to remove as much waste as possible beforehand, though, to help your washing machine along - many parents use a quick rinse cycle before the main wash to be extra sure.

Is it safe to clean soiled nappies in a washing machine?

Absolutely. Modern washing machines are designed to clean fabrics much more efficiently and effectively than previous generations of machines, so there shouldn’t be a trace of poo left behind.


In fact, you can wash your nappies at 40C cycle to save even more energy, especially if you add our laundry cleanser and, if you like, include an extra rinse at the end.

My breastfed baby’s poo soaks into the nappies, can I still wash them in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash the nappies of breastfed babies in the washing machine. Breastfed babies produce very liquid poo which tends to soak through the liner into the nappy itself, but it’ll still wash out. Using a rinse cycle before the main wash will help here too, making sure that most of the waste material is washed away before the main cycle.

Should I soak pooey nappies before I wash them?

No, there’s no need to soak pooey nappies before they go into the washing machine. Soaking soiled nappies just creates more work and a bucket full of rather unpleasant water!


Just make sure that you’re storing soiled nappies out of the reach of children and that they’re not waiting too long (two days maximum) for a wash. Leaving soiled nappies for too long can damage them as ammonia can build up, affecting the fabric and any poo might dry and “set”, making more work for your washing machine.