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International Women's Day 2024

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  • Bambassadors Equality International Women's Day IWD Parent Life
  • 06 / 03 / 2024

Becoming a mother, whether for the first time or beyond, can be overwhelming and often leaves you feeling isolated, especially if you're a young mum or the first among your friends to have a baby. 

Let's recap

Women who have had children face several hurdles on the path to equality and inclusion. Despite strides toward gender equality in Western cultures, challenges persist: 

  1. Workplace Hurdles: Discrimination lurks in the workplace, with biases against mothers affecting promotions, pay, and career advancement.
  2. Motherhood Penalty: Having children often comes with a financial hit and limited career opportunities, a phenomenon known as the "motherhood penalty" which reflects the persistent gender inequalities and stereotypes that exist in society, where women are often penalised for fulfilling caregiving roles. Addressing this penalty requires proactive measures from employers, policymakers, and society as a whole to combat discrimination and create a more equitable workplace for mothers.
  3. Policy Gaps: Many countries lack family-friendly policies like affordable childcare and paid parental leave, making it tough for mothers to balance work and family life - once again, leaving most of the burden to fall on mothers.
  4. Gender Stereotypes: Outdated notions of caregiving and breadwinning roles linger, adding pressure on mothers to prioritise family over career ambitions.
  5. Cultural Expectations: While progress is evident, cultural norms can still clash with modern aspirations, influencing societal expectations placed on mothers.

    Despite these challenges, ongoing efforts toward gender equality and cultural shifts are gradually paving the way for a more inclusive environment for women who've chosen to become mothers.

    It takes a village

    Every mother's journey is unique, and we believe in cherishing and celebrating these differences. Each pregnancy and labour experience is distinct, offering valuable insights that can support and enlighten others.


    In honour of #InternationalWomensDay2024, we reached out to experienced mothers to share what they would tell their younger selves. As we strive for a future where gender equality prevails, devoid of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, let's #InspireInclusion by sharing our experiences.


    Watch the video on Instagram and here’s a little snapshot of the messages that we have shared...