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Continue Your Reusables Journey With Bambino Mio

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  • Bambino Mio
  • 01 / 12 / 2023

Reusable nappy innovator TotsBots has closed 

According to the TotsBots website, the much-loved Glasgow-based reusable nappy manufacturer is under administration and ceased to trade on November 9 2023 after more than 20 years in business.


We’re sad to see another sustainable trailblazer leave us and if you’ve been one of many happy TotsBots customers, you may be wondering how to continue your reusable nappy journey without your go-to supplier of newborn-to-potty nappies and accessories.


You can continue your cloth nappy journey with Bambino Mio

The good news is that you can still get your hands on a brilliant and reliable subscription with Bambino Mio. We all enjoy familiarity and the arrival of your tried and tested TotsBots Potion washing powder and biodegradable nappy liners was probably a welcome and reassuring addition to your kitchen cupboard every month.


Bambino Mio’s Bright & Mighty nappy cleanser and our Messless Liners will pick up right where TotsBots’ Potion and liners left off, keeping your nappies as clean as ever.


You can use our range of super-soaking boosters with your existing TotsBots nappies. See our range of Daily, Flexi and Mini nappy boosters to choose from.

You can still wash your TotsBots reusable nappies with our products

Our Bright & Mighty cleanser will work perfectly on your TotsBots Bamboozle, EasyFit and Hero nappies, so don’t worry about replacing your entire bundle just yet. 


Bring some Bambino Mio love into your nappy bundle

Some of your nappy stash may have had a bit more wear than others, so when it’s time to replace your TotsBots nappies with new ones, our Revolutionary Reusables will fit right in.


We are very proud of our Revolutionary Reusables, as they make reusable nappies even easier with their birth-to-potty, one-piece genius. If you’d already mastered the art of the TotsBots two-part cloth nappies then you’ll love Bambino Mio’s all-in-one reusables. 


We also offer our Give-it-a-go Bundle, featuring five Revolutionary Reusable nappies, boosters and a pack of Messless liners so you can try out Bambino Mio before going the whole hog with our the Starter Bundle or the Everything Bundle.

Although the information on the liquidation of TotsBots is correct at the time of writing, things can change, so do keep an eye on the TotsBots website, social media and offline news sources for any further announcements.