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Christmas-related Baby Names

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  • Bambino Mio
  • 16 / 10 / 2023


Everyone loves Christmas. Fact. This celebration brings light, music, fun, cheer and great food. 

If you’re lucky enough to be having a baby during the festive period, then it’s worth making a big deal out of it so that you feel the Yuletide spirit all year round. One good way to imbue your baby with seasonal happiness is to give them a Christmas-related name.

Seasonal baby names you’ll love

Sometimes, circumstances will make your baby name choice for you and this is never so much the case as when your baby arrives at or near Christmas. There’s a wealth of names associated with this festival and here are some of the more popular (as well as a few of the less well-known) options.


Pronounced “Ey-ra”, with the emphasis on the first syllable, this classic Welsh girl’s name means “snow”, which we hope for every Christmas. It’s an unusual name but not too “out there" or quirky, especially if you have Welsh ancestry or if you live in Wales. 


This is a lovely name which means “messenger” or “bringer of good news” and what better news than a new baby? You can change it to Angelica or, if you have a boy, Angelo.  


A popular name for a Christmas baby girl is Holly, as it conjures up bright and shiny leaves and berries but doesn’t carry too many religious connotations. 


A hybrid of Hebrew and Latin, the name Eve means “life” or “living” and is perfect for a baby girl born just before Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. It’s also a shortened version of Evangeline, which means “good news”.  


This sparkly name has made something of a comeback in recent years and it’s perfect for a Christmas baby girl as it’s the Latin word for “star”. 


This name means “born on Christmas Day”, but you don’t have to obey this rule to the letter (or the calendar), as many girls have this name but not the December 25th birthday.


A bold choice, but also an impressive one. Balthazar was one of the Three Wise Men and it’s believed he brought myrrh to the Baby Jesus. Gifts aside, Balthazar means “Baal protects the King” and this old name has cropped up in lots of works of literature, including four Shakespeare plays. 


This popular name means, quite simply, “Christmas”, so there’s no room for doubt there! It’s derived from the Old French word for Christmas, Noël, but if you’re using it as a name, the emphasis is on the first syllable.


You could opt for Donner, Dasher or Blitzen, but for many, the most traditional - and famous - reindeer is the go-to choice for a Christmas boy’s name. It’s also a wise choice as this old Germanic name means “famous wolf” (who wouldn’t want to be one?) and it can also be shortened to Rudy.


An iconic Christmas sight, spotted on cards, advent calendars and in gardens, this cheerful red-breasted bird is strongly associated with winter so it’s no surprise that the boy’s name Robin is a popular choice for December babies.